11 Best places to visit in kasol in 2024

Best 11 places to visit In Kasol

Kasol isn’t just a destination; it’s a feeling that seeps into your soul. The scent of pine needles carried on a crisp breeze, the hypnotic rush of the Parvati River, and the warmth radiating from cozy cafes – it all awakens a sense of boundless possibility. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time wanderer, Kasol has a way of igniting your adventurous spirit. Let’s uncover the best places to visit in Kasol, where every step is an invitation to discover something magical.

11 Top places to visit in kasol

Malana Village: A journey through time

Malana Village
  • Location: Nestled high in the Himalayas, accessible via a moderately challenging trek from Kasol.
  • Timings: Open year-round, but the best weather is during spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November).
  • Entry Fee: None but respect the village’s unique customs. Avoid touching walls, temples, or people, and be mindful of where you take photos.

The trek to Malana is an adventure in itself. As the bustle of Kasol fades, an ancient world unfolds.  This isolated village fiercely guards its traditions. Marvel at the intricately carved wooden houses and observe the villagers going about their lives.  Remember, Malana is a privilege to visit, so be a respectful traveler and leave with a deeper understanding of Himachal Pradesh’s rich cultural heritage.

Parvati Valley, Kasol: nature’s embrace

Malana Village
  • Location: The heart of Kasol, stretching along the Parvati River.
  • Timings: Always there for you to bask in its beauty!
  • Entry Fee: None – nature’s gifts are free.

Find your slice of paradise along the Parvati River. Hike to hidden waterfalls, where the cool mist refreshes your spirit.  Picnic under the shade of towering deodars, or simply sit on a smooth boulder and let the sound of the rushing water carry your worries away.  The Parvati Valley is where you reconnect with the simple joys and the profound peace of nature.

Chalal Village: where serenity meets psychedelic vibes

Chalal Village
  • Location: A short, scenic trek from Kasol.
  • Timings: Cafes are open throughout the day and into the evening, some offering overnight stays.
  • Entry Fee: None but support the local cafes and guesthouses.

Chalal is Kasol’s laid-back sibling, a haven of colorful cushions, dreamcatchers, and stunning views. Settle into one of the many famous cafes in Kasol lining the riverside trail. Sip steaming chai, lose yourself in conversation with fellow travelers, or curl up with a good book as the sun dips behind the mountains. Chalal invites you to unwind, embrace the slow pace, and soak in its unique, chilled-out atmosphere.

Kasol Market: A sensory feast

Kasol Market
  • Location: The bustling center of Kasol.
  • Timings: Shops generally open mid-morning to late evening. Visit early or later in the day for smaller crowds.
  • Entry Fee: None but bring your bargaining skills!

Lose yourself in the vibrant maze of Kasol Market, where every turn reveals a treasure trove of delights. Browse stalls overflowing with handcrafted jewelry, cozy woolen clothes, quirky souvenirs, and the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked treats. Don’t be afraid to haggle good-naturedly – it’s all part of the experience. Find a special trinket to remind you of Kasol’s charm and the warmth of its people.

Kasol Temple: A moment of reflection

Kasol Temple
  • Location: Within Kasol’s main area.
  • Timings: Usually open from early morning to evening.
  • Entry Fee: None, but donations are welcome.

Amidst the vibrant energy of Kasol, find a moment of peace at Kasol Temple. Admire its intricate architecture and witness the quiet devotion of locals.  Light a candle or simply sit in stillness, allowing the temple’s tranquil energy to wash over you. It’s a place to pause amidst the bustle and connect with the spiritual side of Kasol.

Katagla Village: A slice of rural charm

Katagla Village
  • Location: A short drive or leisurely walk from Kasol.
  • Timings: Accessible throughout the day.
  • Entry Fee: None

Escape into the tranquility of Katagla Village, where life unfolds at a gentler pace. Wander past traditional Himachali houses with their slate roofs, fields of wildflowers, and orchards laden with apples. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and let the serenity of village life soothe your soul.

Tosh Village: gateway to stunning treks

Tosh Village
  • Location: A scenic bus or taxi ride from Kasol, higher in the Parvati Valley.
  • Timings: Visit year-round, but spring and autumn offer the best weather.
  • Entry Fee: None but support local guesthouses and cafes.

Tosh is a trekker’s paradise and a place of breathtaking natural beauty. Use it as your base.

for the legendary Kheerganga trek, known for its panoramic views and a hot spring reward at the summit.  Even if you’re not doing the trek, Tosh offers a quieter side of Kasol life, with cozy cafes and stunning scenery to savor.

Manikaran Hot Springs: nature’s healing touch

Manikaran Hot Springs
  • Location: A short drive from Kasol, a popular pilgrimage site.
  • Timings: Accessible 24 hours, with Gurudwara mealtimes set.
  • Entry Fee: None, but donations at the Gurudwara are appreciated.

Feel the healing warmth of the sulfur-rich water at the Manikaran hot springs. Experience the spiritual blend of Hindu and Sikh traditions at the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and savor a delicious langar (communal meal) offered to all visitors. Let the warmth of the water and the spirit of the place revitalize your body and mind.

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Moksha Riverside, Kasol: where music meets the river

Moksha Riverside, Kasol
  • Location: Along the Parvati River, a short walk from Kasol.
  • Timings: Cafe and camping open during peak season (March-June, September-November). Check ahead during off-season months.
  • Entry Fee: May vary based on camping or cafe services used.

Moksha Riverside is where the Kasol energy comes alive.  Watch vibrant sunsets as bands from around the world play, creating the perfect soundtrack to your evening. Pitch a tent for a night under the stars, or simply Savor a riverside meal – it’s a quintessential Kasol experience.

Kasol Waterfall: discover hidden beauty

Kasol Waterfall
  • Location: Requires a short and scenic hike from
  • Kasol Timings: Best visited during daylight hours.
  • Entry Fee: None

Embark on a hike to uncover the refreshing beauty of a Kasol waterfall.  The journey through lush greenery is as rewarding as reaching the falls themselves. Feel the cool spray on your face, let the sound of cascading water melt away your stress, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Pack a picnic lunch to make it a truly perfect afternoon escape.

Rasol Pass: for the adventurous soul

Rasol Pass
  • Location: A remote village reached by a challenging, multi-day trek.
  • Timings: Best weather conditions are in May-June or September-October.
  • Entry Fee: None, but you’ll likely need a guide and permits for this trek.

Rasol Pass is a test of endurance and a feast for the eyes. This strenuous trek takes you through pristine meadows, across high-altitude passes, and rewards you with unforgettable views that will make the challenge worthwhile.  If you have trekking experience and a thirst for true adventure in Kasol Himachal Pradesh, Rasol is an unforgettable experience.

Top famous cafes in Kasol for unforgettable experiences

  • Evergreen Cafe: A Kasol institution, beloved for its laid-back atmosphere, delicious food, and live music sessions.
  • Moon Dance Cafe: Nestled near the Kasol bridge, this popular cafe boasts stunning views, a diverse menu, and a welcoming vibe.
  • Jim Morrison Cafe: A must-visit for music lovers, this cafe pays homage to rock legends and offers a lively atmosphere.
  • Stone Garden Cafe: Find a cozy spot in this charming cafe known for its delicious food, warm hospitality, and relaxed ambiance.
  • Buddha Place: Seek tranquility and delicious food at this serene cafe offering a peaceful escape from the bustle.

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And the best cafes in Kasol are…

Kasol is brimming with cafes, each with its own unique charm. Whether you’re seeking a riverside retreat, a cozy spot with mountain views, or a place to catch some live music, there’s a cafe in Kasol that will perfectly suit your mood.


Kasol has a way of leaving a permanent imprint on your soul. Whether you found peace by the river, a sense of wonder in an ancient village, delicious food in one of the many amazing top cafes in Kasol, or new friends on a breathtaking trek, may your Kasol adventure spark a lifelong love for the magic of the Himalayas. This guide offers just a glimpse into the places to visit in Kasol.

What People Ask?

What Is the best time to visit Kasol?

The ideal time is during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November).

Where is Kasol?

In the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, it’s a popular haven for backpackers and trekkers.

Kasol is famous for?

Its picturesque landscapes, vibrant hippie culture, trekking routes, serene riverside cafes, and the annual music festivals.

Top 5 places to visit in kasol?

There are many places in kasol, but these 5 places are best:

  • Malana Village
  • Parvati Valley
  • Chalal Village
  • Kasol Market
  • Kasol Temple
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