Best Things to Do in Manali

Welcome to Manali, a paradise tucked among the Himalayas that delivers an enchanting vacation for both adventure seekers and peace seekers. Manali is a wonderful resort that appeals to every traveller’s tastes with its pristine landscapes, quiet valleys, and adrenaline activities. We’ll be your guide to the best things to do in Manali in this blog, helping you get the most out of your vacation to this paradise on Earth.

19 best things to do in Manali

Rohtang Pass: Enjoy the Snowy Calm

Solang Valley: Spontaneous Adventure

Begin your Manali vacation with a visit to Rohtang Pass, a magical paradise for snow lovers. This high-altitude pass provides breathtaking vistas of snow-capped peaks, beautiful glaciers, and raging rivers. Whether you’re enjoying snow sports or simply relaxing in the peaceful surroundings, Rohtang Pass is an unforgettable experience. It is also known as one of the best manali tourist places.

Location and Directions:

Rohtang Pass is located approximately 51 kilometres from Manali. You can get there by renting a local taxi or taking use of a shared cab service.

Solang Valley: Spontaneous Adventure

Solang Valley is the playground of your fantasies for adrenaline junkies. This valley provides a variety of heart-pounding activities, from paragliding over beautiful vistas to zorbing down mild slopes. The gondola ride up the mountain rewards you with breathtaking views that will take your breath away. It is the best place to visit in Manali to add in your bucket list.

Location and Directions:

Solang Valley is located approximately 13 kilometres from Manali. You can take a taxi, a bus, or even walk to the valley.

Old Manali: Musical Vibes and Beyond

Old Manali: Musical Vibes and Beyond

Step into the charming streets of Old Manali, where the past and contemporary merge seamlessly. This bohemian paradise is filled with lovely cafes, colourful markets, and an atmosphere that invites you to sit down and absorb in the culture. Visit the Hidimba Devi Temple, a one-of-a-kind wooden building encircled by towering cedar trees.

Location and Directions:

Old Manali is a short distance from Manali’s main centre and may be reached by walking or using a local cab.

The Manu Temple: A Spiritual Journey

The Manu Temple: A Spiritual Journey

The Manu Temple, dedicated to the fabled creator of humanity, Manu, is a religious as well as architectural marvel. This temple, perched on a hill, provides panoramic views of the valley below, making it both a spiritual and scenic delight.

Location and Directions:

The Manu Temple is located in Old Manali and is easily accessible by foot or by local transportation.

Beas River: Harmony among its Banks

Beas River

Find solace along the Beas River’s banks, where the calm flow of water forms a tranquil backdrop for relaxing. This serene setting is ideal for picnics, riverfront walks, and even angling. The river’s sweet whispers give the perfect symphony for your quiet times.

Location and Directions:

The Beas River runs beside Manali, and you can appreciate its beauty by walking along its banks or taking a taxi to select locations.

Naggar Castle: A Look Back in History

Naggar Castle

Visit Naggar Castle, a mediaeval wooden structure with an old-world elegance, to learn about Manali’s rich past. The castle, which was once the abode of Raja Sidh Singh, today houses an art gallery displaying both contemporary and traditional Himachali art.

Location and Directions:

Naggar Castle is roughly 20 kilometres from Manali in Naggar town. To get there, you can take a taxi or a local bus.

The Great Himalayan National Park: Nature’s Retreat

The Great Himalayan National Park

All nature lovers, unite! The Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to a varied range of vegetation and fauna. Trekking through its routes exposes you to breathtaking scenery and the chance to encounter elusive Himalayan wildlife.

Location and Directions:

The Great Himalayan National Park is around 63 km away from Manali. You can take a taxi or local buses up to a certain point to get there.

Tibetan Monasteries: Serenity and Culture

Tibetan Monasteries

Visit Manali’s Tibetan monasteries to immerse yourself in the spiritual realm. The Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa and the Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa are two notable monasteries that provide not only a peaceful environment but also insights into Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

Location and Directions:

The Tibetan monasteries are scattered across Manali and can be visited by foot or by using a local cab.

Jogini Waterfall: Nature’s Melody of Cascades

Jogini Waterfall Manali

A trip to Jogini Waterfall is a must for any nature enthusiast. This magnificent waterfall, hidden among the dense flora, provides a tranquil respite. The journey to the waterfall is an adventure in and of itself, winding through lush forests and providing glimpses of the surrounding grandeur.

Location and Directions:

Jogini Waterfall is located near Vashisht Temple, which may be reached by walking or taking a taxi from Manali.

Manali Trekking: Conquering Mountains and Above

Trekking in manali

Manali is a trekker’s heaven, with a myriad of trails catering to hikers of all levels. Each trek promises an amazing adventure, from the breathtaking Chandrakhani Pass Trek, which gives panoramic views of the valley, to the adrenaline pumping Hampta Pass Trek, which takes you over snow-covered terrain.

Location and Directions:

Different trekking trails in Manali begin at different spots. Transportation to these locations can be arranged by local trekking companies and guides.

Bhrigu Lake: A High-Altitude Wonder

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake, located at an elevation of around 14,000 feet, is a pure body of water surrounded by snow-covered peaks. The walk to the lake takes you through beautiful green meadows, providing a very refreshing visual delight. This hike is popular with both adventurers and nature lovers. It is very famous place in Manali for trekking.

Location and Directions:

The trip to Bhrigu Lake often begins at the town of Gulaba, some 22 km from Manali. To get there, you can take a taxi or take public transportation.

Manali Paragliding: Fly Above the Clouds

Manali Paragliding

Paragliding in Manali will get your heart racing if you’re an adventure seeker looking for the rush of soaring. The lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains provide a stunning backdrop as you fly through the air, collecting images that will last a lifetime.

Location and Directions:

Solang Valley is where most paragliding facilities are located. You may get to Solang Valley by taxi or public transit.

Mall Road and Manu Market: Shopping and walk

Mall Road and Manu Market are busy centres of activity for anyone wishing to indulge in retail therapy. These markets include everything from local handicrafts to trendy goods to satisfy your shopping needs. The lively environment and the smells of local foods round out the experience.

Location and Directions:

Mall Road and Manu Market are located in the centre of Manali and are easily accessible by foot or by local cab.

Spiti Valley: A Memorable Journey

Spiti Valley

Extend your adventure beyond Manali by visiting the enthralling Spiti Valley. This high-altitude desert attracts individuals seeking solitude and bizarre scenery. The travel to Spiti is difficult, but the rewards are endless, from old monasteries to spectacular geological wonders. It is one of the best places for sightseeing’s around Manali.

Location and Directions:

The Spiti Valley is inaccessible from Manali. You must go by road across difficult terrain. Trips to Spiti Valley can be arranged by a variety of travel operators in Manali.

Van Vihar National Park: Nature’s Getaway

Van Vihar National Park, located in the centre of Manali, is a tranquil oasis in the midst of the bustling town. Lush foliage, tall deodar trees, and the peaceful Beas River create a relaxing atmosphere. Take a stroll, hire a paddleboat, or simply sit by the river and watch nature at work.

Location and Directions:

Van Vihar National Park is located in the centre of Manali and may be reached by foot or by taking a local cab.

Winter Carnivals & Festivals: A Time to Celebrate Joy and Culture

No trip to Manali would be complete without seeing its colourful culture and participating in its happy festivals. The Winter Carnival, a colourful celebration that reflects the essence of the town’s spirit, is one of the highlights. Colourful processions, traditional performances, and a plethora of festivals illuminate the streets, making it a must-attend event for both locals and visitors.

Manali holds a number of events throughout the year that provide a look into the region’s rich heritage. Each celebration, from the colourful Kullu Dussehra to the solemn Manu Rishi Temple Festival, highlights the distinct traditions, music, dance, and cuisine that make Manali a cultural treasure trove.

Malana Village: Mystique and Culture Revealed

Malana Village: Little Greece of India

Explore the fascinating Malana Village, sometimes referred to as the “Little Greece of India.” This isolated community is known for its distinct culture, ancient customs, and one-of-a-kind legal system. You’ll be attracted by the village’s charm and intrigued by its aura of mystery as you make your way through the magnificent landscapes.

Location and Directions:

Malana Village is around 21 kilometres from Manali. You can get there by taking a taxi or taking local transportation up to a particular point, then walking a short distance.

Shawl Factories: Creating Tradition and Warmth in Kullu-Manali

Explore the shawl factories in Kullu-Manali to immerse yourself in the realm of artistic handicraft, where tradition and creativity combine to create stunning pieces of warmth and beauty. These factories provide a glimpse into the age-old craft of shawl production, which is profoundly ingrained in the culture of the region.

Location and Directions:

Shawl mills can be found in Kullu-Manali Highway. You may simply get to them by taking a taxi or taking public transportation.

Manikaran Gurudwara: Spiritual Calm in the Surroundings of Natural Wonders

Manikaran Gurudwara

At the Manikaran Gurudwara, a quiet haven situated among Manali’s captivating natural treasures, embark on a spiritual journey unlike any other. This hallowed location is extremely important to the Sikh community and encourages guests of all religions to enjoy its peace and gifts.

Location and Directions:

Manikaran Gurudwara is roughly 45 kilometres away from Manali. You can get there by taking a taxi or taking public transportation.

Embrace Manali’s Magic

As we come to the end of our journey through Manali’s many attractions, it’s impossible not to be swept away by the enchantment of this fascinating destination. Manali, nestled in the gorgeous Himalayas, is more than simply a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be had, a symphony of views, sounds, and sensations that will leave an unforgettable stamp on your soul.

So, whether you’re looking for adventure, serenity, culture, or a little bit of everything, Manali is a light of opportunity. The moment has come to start on this remarkable journey, to abandon the mundane and embrace the extraordinary that Manali and its surrounding treasures have to offer.

Pack your luggage, hike the paths that wind through its valleys and peaks, and allow your heart to be enchanted by the magic that only Manali can create. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits you, so take the plunge and allow yourself to be carried away by the splendour of Manali!

Important Thinks About Manali

Where is Manali located?

Manali is located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, set among the breathtaking Himalayan mountains.

Places to visit in Manali in December?

Visit Rohtang Pass for snow activities, Solang Valley for winter sports, and experience the tranquil beauty of Manali’s scenery in December.

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