What are Mountains?

What are Mountains?

Mountains are nature’s masterpieces, standing tall as guardians of the lands below, witnessing time and evolution.



Mountain inspire awe with their majestic landscape. Their towering peaks challenge adventurers and offer solace to seekers of peace.


They are teeming with life, from the dense forests at their bases to the unique flora and fauna adapted to high-altitude conditions.

Cultural Significance

Mountain, especially in Himachal, are intertwined with local cultures. They are often considered sacred and are integral to many local legends and stories.

The Mountains of Himachal

Each peak in Himachal has its own story. The Dhauladhar range, with its rugged beauty, the serene Kinnaur Kailash, considered holy, or the formidable passes in Spiti and Lahaul – they all invite, challenge, and captivate

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