Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh

Discover Khajjiar: Your Himalayan Escape Awaits

Meadows, mountains, and a whole lot of fresh air.

Khajjiar Lake: Picture-perfect & peaceful vibes

Calm water, green hills... the perfect spot to relax

Khajjiar weather

Crisp mountain air makes any day in Khajjiar perfect

Khajjiar Mini Switzerland for a good reason!

Rolling meadows & mountains... a postcard comes to life

Adventure awaits! Try Khajjiar paragliding

Soar over the valley for views you'll never forget

Khajjiar in winter: A snowy wonderland

Cozy vibes, snow on the peaks... pure winter magic

Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary: Explore the wild side

Dense forests, wildlife... adventure time in nature

Hike, ride horses... Khajjiar = outdoor fun

Gentle walks or big adventures, the choice is yours

Khajjiar is perfect for a weekend getaway

Cozy stays & food make it even more tempting!