Yellow Bridge


Discover Kasol: Where Hippie Vibes Meet Mountains

Laid-back town, tucked away in the Parvati Valley

Kasol weather: Cool breezes & mountain sunshine

Escape the heat, find the perfect chill-out spot

Kasol trip: It's more than a place, it's a feeling

Relaxing cafes, riverside walks, a haven for free spirits

Things to do in Kasol: Explore, hike, or just chill

Waterfalls, treks, markets... or simply find your favorite cafe

ATS Cafe Kasol: A true Kasol experience

Grab a bite, meet fellow travelers it's a classic for a reason

Hostels in Kasol

Find a cozy spot, meet people, and have budget-friendly vibes

Parvati Valley Kasol: Where nature rules supreme

Mountains, rivers, forests... This valley is pure Himachal magic

Kasol tourist places: From temples to waterfalls

Discover hidden gems, make your own Kasol adventure

Best time to visit Kasol? 

Each season has its charm, depending on what you're after