Vikesh Verma

CEO and Founder

Vikesh Verma is a highly enthusiastic and focused professional who strives to achieve the best when it comes to work performance. He’s qualified with an MBA degree in HR & IT which sets him up for the unique challenges of the tourism industry. His business experience as a solopreneur in the past readies him to manage and hone a world-class team for leadership and guidance, to drive a shared goal of service excellence.

He has spent the majority of his life in Himachal Pradesh’s exquisite environment, deeply placing himself at the heart of Himachal tourism. Uniquely equipped to understand the dynamics of this flourishing industry, Vikesh Verma knows the ins and outs of customer satisfaction, hospitality, and logistics. He is capable of scaling the tourism business by generating operational efficiency and making it easier for his team to stay productive.

His vision is to make Himachal, one of the most organized and pleasurable hubs of global tourism. His passion for his homeland and the quality of living Himachal Pradesh offers has carved out his destiny in this chosen field of occupation.

Hobby: Trekking, Camping and Outdoor Activities.

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